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KeyDisk Gold - Keyholder


KeyDisk is a newer, more intelligent way to carry your keys. It is slim, minimal, and elegant.

Constructed from sandblasted and anodized aluminum, weighing only 1.2 oz, finally front pocket worthy.

Holds up up to 6 keys (w/o washers or 3 w/ washers). Can also hold a key ring for car remotes, etc.


When receiving the KeyDisk, switch out the aluminum screws with the steel screws. The steel screws are stronger and will be sent in the package with your order. Keep an eye out and be sure not to lose them.

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KD gold front.jpg
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Additional Info

  • Slim minimalist alternative for a keychain, keyholder, or keyring.
  • Thin construction
  • Lightweight, but durable aluminum plates
  • Sandblasted and anodized