"Ditch that janitor-like bulge of keys you carry around and put them back in your pocket where they belong with the KeyDisk. Built using sandblasted and anodized aluminum, it weighs just over an ounce,"
"There are no unnecessary parts in this belt, which is why the black or undyed 12 oz. leather belt is guaranteed for a quarter century. Say hello to the last belt you’ll ever buy."
"Created with a minimalist aesthetic in mind, the group’s collection of timepieces combine attractive design and quality construction with an affordable price point, making for a watch that you won’t mind wearing without having to make a serious dent on the credit card."
"By focusing on finding durable materials and simple design and construction, Elliot Havok guarantees that its Quarter Century Belt will last as long as its name implies."
"The good folks over at Dash Co. thought it would be a good idea to upgrade your wallet with their all new Saffiano Leather Card Sleeve."
"The designers' goal was to take an unabashed 'less is more' approach and apply it to a watch that was thoughtfully constructed but didn't require wearers to break the bank."
"The watch project launched today and stormed out of the gate, and it will likely hit 100% of the $15,000 funding level within the first 24 hours, leaving 59 more days to get on the bandwagon. "
"Watches worth wearing are bound to break the bank. Or at least so goes the traditional belief. Havok Timepieces were created to turn this notion on its head with a starting price of only about two-thirds of a Benjamin."
"Here's a cool design victory - Havok watches, designed here in San Francisco, has hit Kickstarter and gone WAY over their funding goal with plenty of time to spare. We really dig the classic design of the face and some of the details that have gone into the timepiece."
"It accommodates the vertical usage of chip powered cards in a more durable timeless frame combining leather with elastic. Being big fans of minimalist wallets at Man of Many, this wallet looks like it could be a winner on all fronts"
"The team behind Havok Watches were looking for a quality watch that wouldn’t break the bank, but found that a lot of brands that were creating decent watches had exorbitant price tags. They decided to design the watches they were after themselves, direct to consumer, without any retail markups."
"Its classically-style dial and thin, lightweight case give it a ruggedly elegant look, but its pricing may be the real head-turner."
"Instead, he likes a pair that falls in the middle: practical, reliable, affordable, but still good-looking. Having always been interested in entrepreneurship, he saw an opportunity to create Elliot Havok, a San Francisco-based design company."
"Havok Timepieces will offer handmade watches that will be useful for everyday wear without any frills. The minimalistic design of these watches will not have any extraneous features or fancy dials."