Classic Timepiece Collection

Created for, and by, those who just want something that makes sense- A watch built from the ground up with attention to detail.
Several problems needed to be addressed as we scoured the watch market online and offline:

AFFORDABILITY: Not $300. Not $200. Not even $100. Starting at just $69 on Kickstarter. Working direct to consumer, we pass the savings to you with radical transparency.

PRACTICALITY: We wanted a quality handmade watch useful enough for everyday wear. Simply, a no frills watch that just makes sense.

DESIGN: Beautifully crafted for timelessness with a less is more approach. A classic minimal look without extraneous features or fancy dials.
We believe in our watches. And you should too. If anything were to happen to your watch within the first 2 years, we hope that you will send it back to us for repair or replacement. We will cover all internal parts should they ever fail you.