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Our Partners

We have an established relationship with our manufacturing partners and moving forward has been smooth sailing. We chose to work with a reputable manufacturing group known for decades of rigorous quality control. 

We've thoroughly toured their facilities multiple times and they are completely aligned with our goals. We visited their facility in the Summer of 2015 in detailed tours and again in January 2016. We are always in constant communication throughout the entire process.

Our Team

Elliot Havok consists of a diverse team of creative product designers with cross-functional skills within the fields of design, development, and manufacturing. Our team encompasses over 20 years of combined experience in bringing innovative products to life.

Limited Warranty

Havok Watches have a limited warranty that covers manufacturer’s defects for two years after the original purchase. Basically, if the watch parts or mechanics don’t work properly, and it's our fault, we will repair or replace your product for free. However, this does not cover any abuse you might put your watch through on your own. The warranty does not cover water damage, normal wear and tear, batteries, accidental glass damage, scratches, strap damage, or theft. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims and service requests, so please keep your order records.