Elliot Havok Watch Review

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Good watch barring the flaws in my unit

Watch design is nice. Time keeps nicely. Only lost 15s in a week. Thou what stops me from using it daily is the second hand doesn't align correctly. Mine could be a defective unit. Else a good purchase.

Comfortable leather, great quality.

I love the quality and workmanship of Elliot Havok's leather bands. They are easy to put on or off, while durability looks like it is well built. Best of all, it is really comfortable and has a really nice feel.

Top Quality Watch - Stylish and Sleek

One of the best Watches i have owned Currently own 3 Havok Watches, o far this is my favorite one, everyone ask's where did i get the watch from and if i paid a lot for it, I am happy to say this is one watch I enjoy myself wearing everyday either business or casual, and most likely will continue to buy Havok watches because of their style/ function and it does not eat away at your wallet. Cant wait to see any new products they come up with

Nice looking & well done

This watch goes looks nice with any type of attire like elegant and sport like what I'm wearing in the photo.

much better than expected

Love the watch. This is my second one. The first was purchased several years ago and served me well until I recently dropped it about four feet onto a concrete floor. This was not the first time I had dropped it onto a hard surface, but probably was the highest drop. While it "kept on ticking" the date feature was broken. Alas, it needed to be replaced. For me there was no question about what to choose. The watch is durable, attractive (in my eyes) and inexpensive. What's not to like?

Love this watch

For an simple, functional, daily wear watch, this looks sooo much better than just about every watch I looked at (at least 30 different models.) I instantly loved it and have not stopped wearing it since it arrived. The colors go well with just about everything you can imagine, the silver face with black details is easy to read, the date is large enough to be read without ruining the overall design, and the clean lines of the case present a quite refined look.

Excellent watch for a unbelievable price!

You can't expect to get everything in this price range. I put it on a brown leather strap and I think it looks gorgeous, you cant get a better watch for $100.

Watch the Watch

I'm amazed how big new watches have become. I really like this smaller (traditional?) size. The 40mm is perfect for my medium build

Goood looking Watch

This watch is way better in person. For the price and quality, you can't beat it.

Doesn't Disappoint

It's really wonderful. If you aren't sure, always go for the Racer Chronograph. the Racer Chronograph is exactly what my wardrobe has been lacking. the Racer Chronograph is both attractive and highly wearable

Five Stars

There's not a whole lot to judge a watch on aside from aesthetics. It tells time accurately. It's comfortable on my wrist. Both of those are basically a given, though, considering this is a watch made by a major watch-making company. The real deciding factor is whether you like the way this watch looks, and I do.

Extremely Nice Watch

Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free!

Great for Everyday

Bought this as a request for a Friend. But ended up keeping it. It comes with a natural leather band that takes about 2 weeks to break in. It looks nice a dark now!~


I purchased this as a gift for my husband. I wanted a quality timepiece that would not break the bank. I also wanted something a bit different from the usual chrome or gold colors, he likes an oversized face on his watch so this was perfect.

Great for any occasion

This is an awesome looking watch. I love it. So easy to read also because of the extra large size and contrast of the markings. The leather strap is plenty large enough for my big boned wrist and it feels really comfortable to wear.

Unique & Elegant

I love your watches I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. no regrets! A beautiful watch that looks good with my black strap

To Die For.

I like the chrono watch more and more each day. If you aren't sure, always go for the British Racing Green. Definitely very vintage but classy. Adds a nice pop to your outfit when going out.

Five Stars

I've worn the racer for the last three years. I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. If you aren't sure, always go for the Racer Watch.

Exaclty what I wanted

Just what I was looking for. I will refer everyone I know.

The Best!

This is simply unbelievable! I will refer everyone I know. I would also like to say thank you to all your team

Quality AND price

Thanks guys, keep up the good work! Thanks for the great service. Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. You won't regret it. I wear this watch every day,

Mmmm... Leather...

This is a really nice band. Simple design. Very soft right out of the box. Quick release works great. I think this is a perfect match for the minimalist style of my Mondaine. I really wish this same leather came in red so that I could swap between the two. I have bought and returned four bands for a couple watches before finding this one. I've tried price points between $10-$25 with and without quick release. This one has a quality that is heads and shoulders better than leather band I've owned. f you want a band in any of the colors this comes in, buy this now. Thanks Elliot Havok!

Great craftmanship

Why don't all watch straps have quick release!? Bought this as a replacement to a different strap. I lost some weight and the old strap was still loose even on the last hole. Leather looks, feels, and smells of quality. Again, quick release, why isn't this a thing on all straps? Didn't take more than 30 seconds to install these after taking off my old strap.

Love this watch

I really like this watch. This is the third one of these that I have owned. The failure of the previous two have been totally my fault. It is my "everyday" watch and I only take it off if I feed the need to wear a dressier watch. It is extremely durable even though I (mis)treat it terribly.
I won't go into details about why the previous ones failed, other than to say that it was carelessness and ignorance on my part about how to change the battery.

Can be worn as a everyday watch or when you want to dress it up and go out it'll look great.

I collect watches, primarily analog types, and prefer the classic and military styles. The current trend toward mounting a clock on your arm and calling it a watch seems silly to me and I don't think the fad will last. After all, a fad last a season, a minimalist classic last forever!